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Project lead by Université Gustave Eiffel


Daniel Herraiz Bastida

from Masterclass in  Valencia

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Introducing : After four years studying sonologia in the CSMV, I’ve developed a big interest in sound design as a language to describe the world in a way our words aren’t capable to. However, this passion has also been present in my life since I was a child, because when I’m feeling stressed or even nervous, I close my eyes and try to identify the sounds around me.

Lisboa is not only a destiny for me, I believe she is the point of departure to expand my knowledge of sound in an international way. Also, I’d like to know his culture and his folklore, because they will inspire me to create new compositions as well as enrich my professional development in technology. On the other hand, I’d like to share the knowledge acquired during my career as well as my goal to stop the acoustic contamination of oceans, rivers and seas reflected in my composition “Deep sea listening”.

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