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Pablo Palau Cano

from Masterclass in  Bourges Valencia Lisboa

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Introducing : I am Pablo Palau and I am currently studying last year of Sonology studies and my 2nd year of composition degree in the “Conservatorio Superior de Música de Valencia”. The purpose of this cover letter is showing my profound interest in being an IMCC student in Lisboa for the next schoolar year.

In relation to the academic field, attending classes in Lisboa University would be an extremely fruitful experience due to three remarkable reasons: firstly, the development of projects in which students can experiment with their own Works. Since been in contact with other students with different working perspectives is one of my personal interests, I would highly take advantage of every class; secondly, having the chance of living the Erasmus programme in Lisboa would enhance my CV, and thus, I would have more facilities to develop my own career path; lastly, due to the international networking that the IMCC programme facilitates, I could improve my comunication skills, as well as share with my partners the knowledge of my own culture.

Regarding the personal inclinations, besides improving a foreign language, I would be completely immersed into another projects and I could get to know people from all over the world. Hence, this experience would definitely enrich my perception of music and I could become a more eclectic artist.

Computer Music


"IVERIA" // Quarter-tone prelude for two guitars_Tribute to Charles Ives



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