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Paz Guillén Martín

from Masterclass in  Valencia Lisboa

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Introducing : I’m writing to express my interest in take part of the IMCC activity of the Erasmus+ program. I had never heard about the existence of KA2 before, but since I learned more about IMCC, I expressed my interest in belonging to it. It gives us the possibility of acquiring a complementary formation to the one offered in our center, which allows us to expand our range of knowledge. Meanwhile, we also can travel and practice English, which is fantastic.
In Spain, there are few centers that offer this type of music education, so being able to see what is being done in other countries can help us to see how this industry is positioned in Europe. Knowing all of this can facilitate the choice of a master in the future.

I would like to be able to talk with other teachers and students to learn about new perspectives and new ways of creating, and I’m also attracted to the idea of being able to collaborate in the future with these new friends that we will make on this trip.
I have been studying Sonology for 4 years. We are at the end of our studies, so IMCC seems to me an important launching platform to internationalize our careers before working. Expanding horizons and breaking down barriers is always good for us. I assure you that I will take advantage of this experience if I turned out to be chosen.

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P. Guillen, P. Lalinde, F. Patte, G. Pinto - Aragon

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